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Many times, people get turned on by the thought of fake auditions. A lady entering a casting agency, oblivious of the requirements and just thinking it’s a regular job, only for her to be asked to strip showing her sexy body and then have hot sex to prove herself and show that she is right for the job.

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Audition Stories

Kiara Mere

Looking back at my journey in the porn industry, I have had my number if highs and lows. However, if I were to take it all back and start over, I would still play it the same way. For starters, my family did not know what I did for a living. I resorted to lying that I worked for a multinational company, which got me off the hook for a while.

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Biggz Marie

My name is Biggz Marie, an ebony porn performer born 25 years ago in a family of four. I have three brothers and loving parents that have overcome various challenges to remain faithful to their vows. However, having three older brothers meant that I had to fight for everything I had when growing up.

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Orient Blackx

My name is Orient Blackx Orient Blackx. When you think of the orient in the adult entertainment industry, hardly do a black pornstar pop up. I am of a mixed origin, my father being Korean, and my mother is African.

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